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The insurance industry is constantly changing and evolving. The Demotech Difference exists to facilitate meaningful communication and discussion. Each edition will contain the perspectives of subject matter experts on emerging concepts, tools, or techniques, making The Demotech Difference is our voice and a vehicle for sharing those concepts and tools to spur learning and evolution of our industry. We also have a focus on insurers that have been in continuous operation more than a century, understanding that principles that have kept these insurers in business over 100 years are valuable principles that may benefit younger companies.


If reading this magazine helps you to make a more informed decision underwriting a particular application of new business, to generate better research evaluating a new product line, or to create a new type of investment that enhances your legacy of longevity, then we have achieved our goal.


Fall 2021/Vol. 7, No. 4



Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm is a special publication of The Demotech Difference. Given the impact of the extraordinary number of natural disasters in 2017, this special issue recognizes the impact of those disasters on the insurance industry and on the nation.


Experts, first responders and leaders from the United States and Puerto Rico shared thoughts on the strong storms that pounded the nation, and how the industry responded. We looked at the effects of the disasters on each state, and we heard from disaster response leadership in areas hard hit. Additionally, we featured everyday heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty during the emergencies.


Strength Through the Storm is about promises made and promises kept through difficult times and the strength of Demotech-rated carriers that protect our communities.


Strength Through The Storm


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